The GMGlobalConnect portal is the only one of its kind for GM dealerships. In order to access this information, you must register as a dealer with a dealership administrator. Logging in is fast and easy if you meet all the requirements. 


All participating GM dealers will be accessible to you once you sign in. When you have made your choice, you can view the official portal wherever you are, so long as you have a safe internet connection.

GMGlobalConnect Portal Features

Globally, General Motors has to make its business accessible to all its dealers. Therefore, this portal is easy to use. Some of the features of the portal are as follows:

  • Dealers can easily navigate through the GMGlobalConnect portal, making it easy to communicate with GM quickly. As well as sending customized messages to specific dealers according to brand and job title, General Motors currently segments dealers by brand and role. Unlike before, when they sent messages to all dealers.
  • To make work easier and to provide all the tools a dealer needs to perform their daily duties. Workbench now provides access to them. You can get all information regarding spare parts, sales, services, and vehicle orders through this feature.
  • With the new search feature, you can now quickly search through the portal for anything you need. Search results can be narrowed down based on the date for an easier and faster experience.
  • You don’t have to look for applications all the time. By creating Shortcut links, you can save your favorite apps.
  • As a dealership, you will have employees, but not all the information in the portal is necessary. In this way, GlobalConnect enables you to customize your dealership’s homepage for employees to find important information quickly.

In addition, the dealer can decide how much information an employee can access through the portal. As well as knowing when an employee has read a message addressed to him, the dealership can also know if they have read it.