The GMGlobalConnect login account portal connects all GMGlobal Connect business partners. This account is not valid for all customers, but it is valid for dozens of General Motors dealers worldwide. Before this particular portal, six different portals were dealing with different parts of the world, but General Motors decided to create a hub to bring all dealerships together under one hood.


This portal is intended to be more functional and useful to dealers who sell General Motors products around the world. You need to become a reseller and contact the reseller administrator to log in if you want to access it.

The portal allows you to view job details and work more efficiently. In addition, the official portal offers numerous options to agencies around the world.

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In addition to controlling your business at General Motors, you control what you do. It is possible to process your transaction through the GMGlobalConnect web portal without third parties like banks.

GMGlobalConnect Login Process

As a General Motors dealer, you must log in to your GM GlobalConnect online account. These simple step-by-step instructions will show you how to securely log in to your official account.


  • First, go to the GM Global Connect account portal at www.gmglobalconnect.com.
  • Enter the username that General Motors would provide you.
  • Now enter the password in the second field.
  • Check all the details you entered.
  • Now click on the “LOG IN” button, which is directly below the text fields.
  • You will be redirected to the web portal, where you can access everything with a few clicks.

The GMGlobalConnect login account offers merchants a completely new portal concept, ease of use, banking access, and real-time monitoring are just some of the features introduced with the new update. With this new concept of the General Motors portal page, you gain a lot of control over your business.

The official portal gives you access to many resources that you, as a GM dealer or employee, need. This includes business functions for car dealerships, training functions, fleet order status, incentive management functions, store functions, service forms, vehicle tracking functions, etc.

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